Look at this! A bee smelling a flower. Right next to it,rna truly beautiful butterfly flapping its tiny wings. Byrnthe way, did you see the speedy little field mouse?

The Magical Forest of Sautens

Let’s enchant yourself and join us on an exciting walk full of adventures through the Magical Forest of Sautens. WIDI will show you the way, and introduce you to all his little friends – the forest animals. Find out how they live, what they need and why it is so important to protect them. Say hello to the busy bee, the fluttering butterfly, the tiny field mouse and many more little forest animals. From the scenic „Drei-Kirchen-Blick“ vantage platform you take a look at WIDI‘s habitat. At the end of this Magic Walk you can romp around at the superb Forest Playground!

  • Open all year and free of charge
  • Walking and hiking trail especially for families, perfectly suitable for prams
  • Walking time: about one hour
  • Learning by discovering nature in a playful way on different stations
  • HIGHLIGHT: „Drei-Kirchen-Blick“ vantage platform, large forest playground
  • Car park at the trailhead in the center of Sautens (next to elementary school above the church)