Information concerning the current situation

Many things are a little different these days. In Austria, we have very clear guidelines on hygiene standards and distance rules. Please be sure that we fully follow these in our entire resort. With the following guidelines and the personal support of our guests, everyone will have a fantastic holiday here at AQUA DOME. If you are unsure about one thing or another, please contact us any time.

Are you open?

Yes, we are open. We are already looking forward to seeing you again and to spending a refreshing mountain summer with you! To free the mind and to find yourself again is especially important after this demanding time.

Will the thermal be open as well or just the hotel?

Both will be opened for you: the thermal spa, the hotel, the gym, our restaurants - almost everything you value for your wellness and relaxation with us. The only exception: Steam baths will be closed for the time being.


What are you going to do for the safety of guests?

The health of our guests and our employees is our top priority. For this we all help together and we also appeal to the responsibility of each of our guests. You will find the details of our new hygiene standards on our homepage shortly.

We take care of your well-being - and you can let yourself be carried away into summer fun: relax or be active, storm the mountain peaks or experience adventures with the family. The advantage of the AQUA DOME: Thanks to our 65,000 square meters of net floor space, we can easily maintain the necessary distance.

Do we have to wear masks when we come to visit you?

Yes, we kindly ask you to wear a mouth-nose protection except for the swimming area. Please pay contactless wherever possible.

Do we as guests have to face any restrictions?

In all areas (corridors, lobby, lifts, etc.) please keep a distance of 1 meter from other people. If there are floor markings and partitions, please take them into consideration. Disinfection stations are located throughout the hotel and in your room. Please use these too. We also recommend washing your hands thoroughly several times a day. Our employees, in all departments, have had extensive training in hygiene. To protect everyone, employees are also required to wear a mouth, nose or face shield.

We assume that you are fever-free and healthy when you arrive with us. You are welcome to do temperature checks at our reception. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time, of course also if you feel sick. Our reception is staffed around the clock.

Is it dangerous to go to the sauna?

You can enjoy the health-promoting effects of the sauna now just as always. Our sauna coaches make sure that the appropriate distances are maintained. The advantage for you: If only half as many guests as normal visit the sauna, you can spread out and relax even better. Saunas per se are not more dangerous than other leisure facilities if you keep enough distance.

Our entire sauna area with over 2,000 m² is available to you without restriction. Traditional infusions are currently not allowed, however, our sauna coaches have created a great alternative to the infusions. Please note the admission times and the number of people signposted before each sauna. The distance rule of 1 meter also applies here.

Is thermal water dangerous?

On the contrary: our thermal water always fulfills best quality standards due to constant disinfection and treatment. In this respect, the transmission is less  probable than “on land”.

The distance rules also apply in the water of course. Our employees are trained to request the standards exactly, unless they are respected by the guests' own responsibility anyway.

Hiking, cycling, activity programme and AQUventures

Our weekly hiking program and other exciting leisure activities are available as usual. Timely registration here, as the program items take place in small groups. For more detailed information in advance, please feel free to contact our guest supervisor Julia Kuen at

Restaurants & buffets

At the entrance of all our restaurants and bars we ask that you please disinfect your hands and although the wearing of mouth and nose protection is not compulsory in Austria, we would like to ask that they are worn when entering and leaving our restaurants and while using the buffets. This is a safety measure for when the 1 meter distancing cannot be adhered to.

All of our tables are at a sufficient distance from neighboring tables. Normally with us all guests have a reserved table in the hotel restaurant for the entirety of your stay. Please be aware that at this time we may have to change tables. Our restaurant management will always try to take your wishes into account. Our restaurant staff will accompany you to your table.

We kindly ask all guests who would prefer to eat earlier to please arrive at the restaurant for 6pm to avoid queues at the entrance. Breakfast is served at normal time from 7am to 11am. You can consume drinks and small dishes in the bar area however service directly at the hotel bar is currently not permitted.

We will serve the evening meal (except salads and antipasti) directly to your table. We do not currently offer our large buffets - as you know them. When removing food directly from the buffet, hand disinfection is required.

Treatment & Fitness

You can use both areas as usual. All equipment is accessible in fitness. For your safety, a fever is measured at check-in. Disinfecting hands and equipment is also important. Mouth and nose protection must be worn at the entrance to the treatment area and during massages, as you are in direct contact with our employees. If you have forgotten your mouth-nose protection, we will be happy to equip you.


Our Alpen Arche Noah has opened for our little guests.

Unfortunately we are not yet allowed to offer childcare / animation.

What else do we as guests have to consider?

It is important that you are healthy when you come to visit us – just as before all planned trips. If you notice symptoms of illness before your arrival, please have yourself tested.

We will explain all our hygiene standards to you on arrival and ask for your help on site. Be sure that it was worth the wait, because now the best summer by far is about to come!


Subject to modification.


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