Massages bring rejuvenation for the body and mind. They not only relax the muscles, but also have a positive effect on the mental balance. It is said that, during a massage, the brain releases messenger substances that make you happy and relaxed. In addition to the special skills of our therapists, it is always their human touch that adds to well-being. Our massage team in the AQUA DOME has mastered the high art of empathy as well as the most diverse massage techniques. You have the choice: Massages with the elemental power of the Ötztal valley? A classic massage variant? Or a detox massage?  

Partial Body Massage

This professionally coordinated massage technique focuses specifically on one area of the body: the back or legs. The muscles are loosened with gentle pressure. This not only promotes circulation. It can also relieve tension and muscular blockages. Well-being with an effect!  XXXXXXXXXXXX

Inner balance and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system for more energy.

Duration: 25 Min

EUR 50.00

Full Body Massage

There are many conditions that call for a full body massage: Tension in certain parts of the body, but also the desire for holistic relaxation for body and mind. Various classic massage techniques provide relief and relaxation on their journey through the body and are ideal for strengthening the musculoskeletal system.  

Deep relaxation and revitalisation of the body muscles, but also mental letting go.

Duration: 50 Min

EUR 90.00

Foot Reflex Massage

 The feet reflect the entire body with its strengths and weaknesses. During foot reflexology massage, individual zones are stimulated to act on symptoms, pain or (psychological) complaints. Special massage techniques are used to harmonise tense reflex zones and thus the entire organism. 

Addressing and activating all internal organs to achieve a better sense of well-being.

Duration: 25 Min | 50 Min

EUR 50.00 | 90.00

Bergkraft - the “power of the mountain” sports treatment

Anyone who frequently does sport knows this: Sometimes the muscles are so stressed that they urgently need regeneration. The Bergkraft sports treatment is the ideal solution. Various massage techniques, including cupping and stretching, bring the entire body back into balance.

Detoxification and relaxation of the fascia/muscle tissue for improved metabolism.  

Duration: 25 Min | 50 Min

EUR 50.00 | 90.00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This special, very gentle, light-pressure surface massage technique stimulates the lymphatic flow. This is important in order not to squeeze the sensitive lymph vessels and thus enable lymph drainage. The soothing, rhythmic massage can also calm the vegetative nervous system. 

To drain, purify, decongest, but also calm and relieve pain.


Duration: 25 Min | 50 Min

EUR 50.00 | 90.00

Anti-stress Massage

Do you find it particularly challenging to switch off at the moment? This soothing treatment for the neck, head and face (and also the back) releases blockages, relaxes the muscles and can also help you to let go mentally. It has proven its effectiveness, for example, in cases of nervousness and insomnia - and to take a break from everyday life.

Targeted stress reduction on a mental and physical level

Neck, head, face

Duration: 25 Min

EUR 50.00

Back, neck, head, face

Duration: 50 Min

EUR 90.00

Breuss Massage

This gentle stretching therapy of the spine, developed by the alternative practitioner Rudolf Breuss, is considered a special treatment for back, intervertebral disc and spinal problems. We use mood-lifting St. John's wort oil for the massage and finish off with a back revitalisation.  XXXXXXXXX

Local relaxation of the muscles, release of adhesions and reduction of stress.

Duration: 50 Min

EUR 95.00

Aroma Oil Massage

It is not only the gentle massage, but also the special scent experience that helps to regain balance. You can spontaneously choose the desired effect: Three different aroma oils have either a calming effect like the mountains, a balancing effect like water or a stimulating effect for new strength. 

Relaxing, balancing or invigorating, depending on individual preference.

Duration: 50 Min | 80 Min

EUR 100.00 | 130.00

Individual Massage Time

Sometimes you want to feel relaxed after a massage, other times invigorated and revitalised. Depending on you need at the moment. That's why we tailor the massage to your individual wishes and favourite massage techniques. Even special techniques, such as Lomi Lomi or similar, are possible!

To respond individually to personal circumstances - for an optimal result - tailored to the individual wishes.

Duration: 50 Min | 80 Min

EUR 110.00 | 150.00

Detox Massages

DETOX Birch Oil Massage

Ready for a good mood and body toning? With its fresh, green leaves, the birch tree heralds the awakening of spring and a new beginning. This detox massage for back and legs is performed with special massage cups ("cupping") and stimulates the blood circulation of the skin. Birch oil also has a firming, mood-lifting and sleep-promoting effect.

To increase the firmness of the skin and experience a positive, harmonious mood.  

Duration: 50 Min

EUR 100.00

DETOX Intensive Massage

Because appropriate combinations often lead to faster success: This two-in-one massage integrates elements of manual lymph drainage and foot reflexology. By activating the lymphatic system and the reflex zones, detoxification is actively stimulated - also in the organs. A detox tea adds to the effect.

To give the body and organs a particularly intensive detox kick!  XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Duration: 80 Min

EUR 150.00

Detox Body Ritual

 First, the skin is cleansed and toned with a salt peeling: This is the optimal preparation for the subsequent algae pack with its detoxifying effect. It helps to loosen water retention and fat deposits, and stimulates the metabolism to reboot. The skin is nourished with essential trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

To provide a liberating body feeling with the concentrated power of nature.

Duration: 50 Min

EUR 100.00

DETOX Pack: Add-on to the Massages 

Stimulates the body's detoxification centre: This liver herbal pack in combination with a special detox liver oil has a circulation-promoting, decongestant, warming and anti-inflammatory effect. It is the ideal support for the liver's activity and can easily be combined with any other massage.  

To give all massages an additional, intensive detox kick!  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Additional fee: EUR 15.00


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