Regional Massages

Massages bring rejuvenation for the body and mind. They not only relax the muscles, but also have a positive effect on the mental balance. It is said that, during a massage, the brain releases messenger substances that make you happy and relaxed. In addition to the special skills of our therapists, it is always their human touch that adds to well-being. Our massage team in the AQUA DOME has mastered the high art of empathy as well as the most diverse massage techniques. You have the choice: Massages with the elemental power of the Ötztal valley? A classic massage variant? Or a detox massage?  

thermal deep Relaxation Massage

Surrounded by high peaks, breathe in the scent of the Alps: This relaxing full-body massage with high-quality alpine oil from our “thermal deep” signature line is scented with Ötztal herbs. It can relieve tension and muscular blockages, promote circulation and boost the immune system.   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Gain inner balance and new strength and feel the power of the mountains and fresh energy! 

Duration: 50 Minuten

EUR 90.00

Ötztal Stone Massage

Cold and warm stones, hand-picked from the Ötztal Ache River, are placed on the body. These cold and warm stimuli have a positive effect on the body, similar to La Stone Therapy, while a simultaneous full body massage provides relaxation. This can relieve tension and stimulate metabolic processes in the tissues.

Relieve of stress and general (energy) blockages - for a better mental balance.  

 Duration: 50 Min | 80 Min

EUR 100.00 | 145.00

Swiss Stone Pine Vital Massage

 The fragrant Swiss stone pine - long known in the Alpine region - is a wonderful remedy for stress: It is said to significantly reduce the heart rate, thus have a de-stressing and calming effect. This full-body massage with round Swiss stone pine woods and special massage techniques ensures deep relaxation.

Deep recovery of the body - also for the prevention of sleep disorders.

Duration: 80 Min

EUR 100.00

Swiss Stone Pine Luxury Ritual

 The Swiss stone pine, the queen of the Alps, in a luxury ritual: A bathing ceremony and a stone pine vitalising massage are rounded off by a body wrap with stone pine oil and milk. The stone pine with its resinous-spicy scent can also significantly lower the heart rate during this treatment, and has a calming and renewing effect.

Enabling faster relaxation - for deep body recovery

Duration: 110 Min 

EUR 170.00 

Tyrolean Honey Massage

 Honey lends a soft skin and also has a positive mental effect. This full body massage pampers with honey ginger oil and a special massage honey. The warm, fragrant beeswax pack for the back is a real treat! (Head) aches and pains can also improve.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

To improve blood circulation and mobility, but also to counteract chronic fatigue.

Duration: 50 Min | 80 Min

EUR 100.00 | 145.00

Herbal Stamp Massage

A gentle circular stamp-bag massage along the energy pathways of the body, while enveloped in special oils, is a unique experience. In addition, the massage stamps are filled with precious alpine herbs. This combination can stimulate the metabolism and self-healing powers immensely.

To care for, purify, decongest and detoxify the entire body: Pure detoxification! 

Duration: 50 Min | 80 Min

EUR 100.00 | 145.00

Edelweiss Balance Massage

 The edelweiss flower grows in high alpine areas: A precious, protected plant. It is the symbol of alpine beauty, also known as a purifying and strengthening medicinal plant. The unique combination of classical massage with alpine edelweiss oil and special stretching elements brings the body back into balance.

To relieve stress, harmonise the sides of the body and build stamina.

Duration: 50 Min

EUR 100.00


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