The protection of our nature and environment concerns us all!

Sustainability in the AQUA DOME

The AQUA DOME has set itself the goal of making a sustainable contribution to protecting nature and the environment and to voluntarily introducing an energy management system in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard. As one of the leading businesses in the Ötztal valley, we would like to demonstrate our commitment to more efficient and sustainable use of energy and limited natural resources.

Our medium-term target is to evaluate and implement suitable measures in order to play our part in reducing CO2 emissions, while at the same time acting according to economic principles. In the future, all activities of the AQUA DOME will be geared towards using natural resources as sparingly as possible.

We would be very grateful for your support of our idea. Therefore, we invite you to join us - in line with the motto "The most environmentally friendly kilowatt hour is the one that is not consumed at all".


Our Green Steps


  • We recommend travelling to the AQUA DOME by train. Ötztal Bahnhof welcomes a large number of (fast) long-distance trains.
  • From the Ötztal Bahnhof, you can reach the AQUA DOME by bus – we’re also happy to pick you up.
  • After checking in at the AQUA DOME, all public transport in the Ötztal is free of charge.
  • A shuttle across the entire valley with the E-bus is currently being planned.

Energy (entire complex)

  • Energy from wood: We are supplied with energy from the Längenfeld district heating network.
  • From the very beginning, attention was paid to ensure that the AQUA DOME had an energy-saving construction.
  • Continual monitoring: We use central control technology that is currently capable of recording all energy flows.
  • Our technical manager and facility manager Ing. Markus Reinalter is currently working on a large number of projects aimed at optimizing energy consumption. Thus, we are evaluating the use of photovoltaic technology as well as other key energy recovery technologies.
  • In the corridors, the temperature will be reduced by 2 degrees.
  • The entire complex will switch to LED lights.
  • Christmas lighting has been reduced to 30% and outdoor lighting has been switched off – only our logo is still illuminated.
  • Underground garage: At night, lighting will be kept to a minimum; in future, the charging station will be subject to a fee.
  • Mushroom heaters will not be operated.

Thermal spring & SPA

  • Saunas and steam baths are controlled so that the operating times accommodate the wishes of our guests on one hand while also being “energy-optimised” on the other.
  • In winter, the ice cave is not in operation.
  • Reduction of piles of towels: In the thermal bath, towels are only handed out at the thermal bath info desk and SPA 3000 Bar.
  • Sustainably produced by us in the Ötztal: Our own line of care products, thermal deep – regional and vegan.


  • We kindly ask that our guests turn off the master switch to save energy and only use the electric towel dryer when necessary.
  • No plastic waste: We have refrained from using plastic bath slippers because bath slippers fit in any suitcase.
  • We use refillable dispensers for lotion and shower gel. In our suites, you will find our own line of regional thermal deep products from the Ötztal.
  • Daily room cleaning? Whoever wants to is free to voluntarily refrain from using them to benefit the environment.
  • Check in and check out will be paperless in the future.
  • By the way: Our rooms are not the only things that have been designed by regional craftsmen’s establishments.

Restaurant & kitchen

  • Purchasing: Wherever possible, we purchase our food from local farmers and businesses.
  • We filter the “AQUA DOME spring water” in house and, by forgoing the use of mineral water bottles, we save on environmentally-harmful transports.
  • We avoid food waste wherever possible. In future, organic waste will be compacted.
  • We ensure that beverage logistics, from cold storage to freezer chests , are used in an energy-optimized manner. Thermal bridges have also been energy optimised as have kitchen appliances.
  • Vegetarian and vegan cuisine is not only good for one’s overall CO2 footprint, it is also becoming increasingly popular – in the hotel and in the sauna restaurant.


  • Our local living quarters for employees save trips to and from work.
  • Our shuttle service for employees from the local living quarters also saves trips in the town.
  • Employees from the valley are given access to e-bikes for employees.
  • Saving paper: We reduce printed matter and paper wherever possible.
  • Regular training sessions raise awareness for sustainability topics.

The valley

  • The habitat of the Ötztal has been overseen by a manager since October 2022 whom we consult on a regular basis. After all, Green Steps for more sustainability and environmental awareness are a never-ending topic. We are always on the lookout for more sustainable solutions.


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