Sound bathing „Floating“

from EUR 85 per person

Sound bathing refers to floating on the water for the relaxation of all sense. You will feel weightless during your sound bath in Moosgumpe. You can choose if you would like to lie by yourself on our soft buoyancy aids or with your partner. You will be softly moved around the water while the singing bowls resting on your body and floating in the water will be struck. You will hear the sounds of the singing bowls, and you will feel their soft vibrations. Just like waves, these vibrations will hit your body, while massaging every single cell – bringing you deep relaxation. The resulting inner silence and relaxation support the regeneration and activation of your self-healing powers. Sound bathing is perceived as weightlessness, and it gently reaches the innermost part of each cell of your body. 25 min of sound bathing, daily available at 8am or 9am.


  • Difficulty: easy
  • Duration: appr. 25 min
  • Equipment: swim wear
  • Meeting point: thermal bath information counter
  • Booking period: all year


  • EUR 85


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