Premium spa exclusive for hotel guests


Here you can feel the strength of the Alps: Let your gaze wander through the huge panoramic glass panel and enjoy the breath-taking view of the Ötztal mountains. Get an up-close experience of the strength of the Ötztal resources at SPA 3000,  the award-winning premium wellness area only for hotel guests: Fragrant Alpine herbs, invigorating minerals, sparkling gemstones, as well as the flickering flames in an open fireplace, ice and bubbling thermal water are skilfully staged. 

Harmoniously subtle interiors and futuristically designed relaxation areas on two floors embody wellness in a new dimension. The surrounding mountainscape is captured in the design language of SPA3000 - with its spruce, granite and the special layout. Let yourself be carried away in contemplative theme worlds!

Please note, that level 1 / floor 2 of the Spa3000 is a textile free area.

You have entered a garment-free zone.

Please note the following instructions:

  • Dress code: No swim wear/clothing permitted.  You are welcome to borrow a bath robe.
  • The following applies to the sauna: Avoid sweat on the timber surfaces! Please cover the seats with your bathing or sauna towel.
  • Sauna kilt: You are welcome to wear a sauna kilt in the sauna. Kilts can be borrowed at the information desk of the thermal bath.
  • Admission from 15 years


At the Moosgumpe pools


Natural moss-covered walls and cosy loungers around the 34°C warm pool - the Moosgumpe is the perfect place to relax after a steaming-hot sauna session. Green, the colour of nature, has a calming, balancing and harmonising effect. The tempting smell of freshly brewed tea lures the relaxation seekers to the herbal-tea veranda. 

At the Ötztal Mineral Bath


Enjoy the ceremony with an infusion and peeling: In the mineral bath, minerals and trace elements such as magnesium and selenium have a radiant effect on your skin and soothing salts strengthen your airways while you float. Lean back, take a deep breath and revive your spirit with fresh energy!

At the bar


Take a seat and marvel: Pause for a moment and enjoy a drink at the elegantly designed bar. In the glow of the crackling flames of the open fire place, you can enjoy the view through the eight-meter high, peak-shaped glass façade and get ready for your next sauna session. Recuperate with fresh snacks and vital drinks!

Crackling Mountain Fire


The perfect composition of natural colours, selected woods and stones lends SPA 3000 its puristic ambience. Impressively staged with a central fireplace and modern glass façade, the crystal-clear view of the surrounding nature has a supernatural effect. On the terrace, you can merge with the mountainscape during the day and watch the fire torches at night.

At the Längenfeld Badl’n


Immerse yourself: Feel the massage jets in the Längenfeld Badl’n on your skin, relax in 36° warm Ötztal thermal water and enjoy the magic view of the valley. This is pure relaxation for body and soul - and a perfect way to round off a marvellous day at SPA 3000.

Exclusive hours


Enjoy twosome moments and cherish the memories in the exclusive Private spa suite: The place for unforgettable feel-good moments and infinite relaxation. A Finnish sauna, a luxurious Bovi couples' bath and a massage lounger are available for your private use. Share your dreams in your own relaxation area. Savour your private wellness moment.

Premium Offers

RELAX! DAY VISIT DELUXE and PREMIUM Thermal Bath Evening **

Exclusive Wellness for a whole day or an evening: Enjoy SPA 3000 as part of the AQUA DOME Day Spa offers. Several extras included!

What is SPA 3000?

Spa 3000 is a premium wellness area, exclusively for guests of the thermal baths hotel and day spa, who have booked the “Relax! One-day vacation deluxe” package. The Spa 3000 of AQUA DOME in Längenfeld extends over two floors and captivates with its harmonic, subtle interior and relaxation zones in futuristic design.

Is there a private spa suite?

Yes, AQUA DOME has a private spa suite. The private spa in Austria offers an individual wellness experience and numerous wellness offers to relax and be pampered. The special features of our unique private spa at AQUA DOME wellness hotel in Tyrol include a Finnish sauna and a steam bath for two, a luxurious Bovi couples’ tub and a modern lounge and relaxation corner.

What is the view like from SPA 3000?

In the Spa 3000, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Ötztal Alps.

Experience the fragrant alpine herbs, the crackling fireplace and the bubbling thermal water, framed by the picturesque view of the alpine Ötztal natural scenery in the award-winning premium wellness area.

Is SPA 3000 a nude area?

Level 1 / floor 2 of SPA 3000 is a textile-free zone. You are welcome to wear a sauna kilt in the sauna. Kilts can be borrowed at the information desk of the thermal bath.


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