Feeling strong like a mountain and balanced like water – loaded with mental power! With AQUA DOME SPA, you can reach this ideal state. But: All this is worth nothing without the right exercise, proper nourishment and also the ability to let go mentally. That’s why all fitness and health offers are right at the top of our list. In addition to personal training and diagnostic tools, we have individual yoga coaching and offers for mental relaxation, as well as tips from our nutrition coaches are available.

Personal Training

For all those who do not like to work out alone and need motivation and athletic drive: Individually tailored training sessions, coached and accompanied by a highly qualified personal trainer. So that you don‘t run out of breath halfway through. Do you prefer weights or endurance? The choice is yours!

To achieve individual workout success faster through personal training, paired with a lot of fun.

Duration: 30 min | 60 min

EUR 48.00 | EUR 78.00

Nutrition Coaching

Our health is largely determined by our diet. So, it‘s time to finally make better food choices and put good intentions into practice! But how can you get started? Our trained nutrition coaches have the necessary tips and tricks: They analyse your current eating habits and find targeted ways for improvement.

Benefit from the experience of our health coaches and put theory to practise!

Duration: 90 min

EUR 118.00
*including a 30-Min online or telephone follow-up session

Personal Yoga

Yoga is a philosophical practice that can bring body, mind and soul into harmony. We can intensively address your individual prior knowledge and preferences during a private yoga session. Learn different breathing techniques, consciously combine breathing and body movements, dive deep into meditation: precious “me-time” on the yoga mat!

The idea behind yoga is to bring about physical, but also mental change: LIFT YOUR SPIRIT!

Duration: 60 min | 90 min

EUR 83.00 | EUR 118.00

Mental & Meditation

Immerse yourself in the wonderful experience of meditation and simply let go. Find inner peace and deep relaxation. Once you have learned to calm your thoughts and concentrate on the present moment, on the “here and now”, you can finally get off the constantly spinning carousel of thoughts. What a relief!

To improve emotional, cognitive and physical skills through targeted mental training.

Duration: 60 min

EUR 83.00

Personal Training & Forest Bathing

Out in the forest, everything feels a bit easier. Like individual coaching by our personal trainers. Take a deep breath of spicy air while you are introduced to a coordinated workout. With helpful tips, for example on building muscles or integrating sport into everyday life. And on top, the beauty of nature supports the relaxation exercises.

Feel the benefits of a personal training programme outdoors in nature & then continue it at home!

Duration: 80 min

EUR 108.00

Mobility and Strength Analysis

EasyTorque is a method for diagnosing muscular strength. By measuring the strength of all major muscle groups, e.g., knees, elbows, trunk and hips, weaknesses and strengths of the musculoskeletal system can be identified, as well as “muscular imbalances”, which are possible causes of back and joint pain.

Detailed determination of the training and therapy success with the help of state-of-the-art diagnostics.

Duration: 60 min

EUR 78.00

Power Plate® Unit

Power Plate® is our secret tip for increasing metabolic activity and the basal metabolic rate: It boosts blood circulation, stimulates fat burning and increases the oxygen supply to the tissue. In combination with a controlled diet, fat accumulation can thus be counteracted. Our trainers will tell you which exercises are particularly effective!

A smoother and firmer skin: Helps reduce cellulite and firms the connective tissue.

Duration: 20 min | 30 min

EUR 32.00 | 42.00

My Health Kick

A combination for everyone who wants to do their body an intense amount of good: of back gymnastics (50 min) for a healthy back, yoga module (60 min) for the body and mind and a soothing back massage (25 min). The ideal combination since all three components complement each other.

Targeted strengthening of the back, combined with a massage to release tension.

Duration: 135 min

EUR 223.00

My Mind Kick

Mind and Meditation (60 min) teaches you ways to calm your mind. This works especially well with WAVEMeditation (25 min) on the waterbed, which supports you with gentle vibrations. The relaxing thermal deep relax massage using high-quality alpine oil from our signature range imbues you with the power of the mountains.

Draw fresh energy from deep mental relaxation!

Duration: 135 min

EUR 218.00

Fascia treatment

A treatment which, through targeted handling techniques, is individually tailored to requirements. Various massage tools are used – usually without oil – to specifically loosen up knots and tension and resolve restricted movements. On top, there is advice on how to treat knots and tension at home.

Better mobility through the resolution of stubborn tension / knots and through the stimulation of blood flow.

Duration: 25 min | 50 min

EUR 43.00 | 78.00

Kinesiology taping

This Japanese taping technique with coloured tapes can solve and alleviate various complaints in the body. For example, kinesiological taping can provide support after an injury, but can also provide relief from pain and tension. It is also intended to activate and support the body’s self-healing powers.

Stabilises and loosens as required, but also provides pain relief and activates lymph flow.

Duration: 25 min

EUR 25.00

Lift Yourself Up

A combination for body and mind: Get to know a coordinated exercise programme during a personal training and forest-sensing session in the Ötztal valley (80 min). The best way to let go mentally is with WAVEMeditation (25 min) on the waterbed, while the relaxing thermal deep relax massage with high-quality alpine oil from our signature line transmits the power of the mountains.

Get into a relaxed flow and exercise.

Duration: 155 min

EUR 243.00

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