An exciting but also beautiful time. Getting plenty of rest and treating yourself to something good are now at the top of the priority list. We at the AQUA DOME know what expectant mothers need. For example, a special massage in harmony with yourself and your baby. Soothing for stressed muscles and heavy legs. Or a WAVE treatment on our new waterbed, a gently rocking wellness experience. Our range of treatments is suitable for normal pregnancies and, after consultation with your doctor, from the 16th to 28th week of pregnancy.



A sensory full-body massage experience in supine or side position, gently bedded on the body-warm waterbed – soothing relaxation for mums-to-be. Flowing, gentle touches and movements are harmoniously supported by the relaxing floating effect. With nourishing oil, if desired.

To let go and gain new strength during pregnancy.

Duration: 50 min, with oil at a pleasant temperature on request

EUR 98.00


Short and sonorous with long-lasting effect: A relaxing listening experience with water sounds on the waterbed. Pure, without additional treatment. Buoyed by the warm water, it is easy to forget pregnancy stress and to meditate. Because, the body can let go immediately in the milieu of warm water.

Find deep inner peace that can have an effect far beyond the application.

Duration: 25 min, comfortable, loose clothing, without therapist

EUR 48.00

Pregnant, Beautiful & Relaxed

The feel-good highlight for mums-to-be: The face, neck and décolleté are cared for with alpine herbs and our Thermal deep signature treatment thermal deep Face Care. Hands and feet are pampered with a manicure or pedicure with massage. And a WAVEsoft massage on the waterbed lulls you into deep relaxation. If you prefer, you can split the three individual treatments over several days!

To feel beautiful and cared for from head to toe, but also be able to let go.

Duration: 150 min

EUR 248.00

Mummy Wellness Treatment

The extremely gentle lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymphatic flow – a relief, not only for heavy legs during pregnancy. The soothing, rhythmic massage technique can also calm the vegetative nervous system. A neck, face and head massage does the rest to make expectant mothers feel good all over.

Relief through draining, purifying, decongesting and relaxation for the neck.

Duration: 50 min

EUR 98.00

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