Massages bring rejuvenation for the body and mind. They not only relax the muscles, but also have a positive effect on the mental balance. It is said that, during a massage, the brain releases messenger substances that make you happy and relaxed. In addition to the special skills of our therapists, it is always their human touch that adds to well-being. Our massage team in the AQUA DOME has mastered the high art of empathy as well as the most diverse massage techniques. You have the choice: Massages with the elemental power of the Ötztal valley? A classic massage variant? Or a detox massage?  

Alpine Scrub  

This special peeling treatment intensively stimulates the skin as well as the body's self-regulating functions. The fine alpine herbal scent of our thermal deep products, created especially for the AQUA DOME, is both effective and soothing for the senses.

Rejuvenation and strengthening for particularly soft and activated skin!

Duration: 25 Min

EUR 45.00

Alpine Fango

Experience a warming mud pack while the gentle, spicy scent of Alpine herbs surrounds you. The pack is applied to the desired part of the body - e.g., the back - and left to work for about 20 minutes before being removed with a warm compress. Extremely beneficial, e.g., to relieve tension! 


 Duration: 25 Min

EUR 50.00

Bathing Ceremony

 The springs that feed the AQUA DOME from a depth of 1865 metres are centuries old. Just like the tradition of taking a healing “Badl”. This treatment also involves immersion in the precious, warm thermal water. Combined with a full body water massage, you get perfect relaxation! A great preparation for a subsequent massage.

To calm body and mind and relax (the muscles).  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Duration: 25 Min

EUR 45.00

Anti-stress Back Treatment

The best for a relaxed back in an effective combination: First, immerse yourself in the precious thermal water during our bathing ceremony. Then enjoy a relaxing back massage and finish the session with a soothingly warm alpine fango pack. This way, even the last tensions can disappear.

Rest and care for the back - and to generate new strength from deep relaxation!

Duration: 80 Min

EUR 140.00

Sound Bathing “Floating” for Singles or Couples

A carefree start to the day! A morning sound bath in our warm thermal water: float on the water and unwind all your senses: While floating in the Moosgumpe pool, you will finally feel weightless again. Listen to and feel the tones and gentle vibrations of the singing bowls. You can also experience this as a couple.   

To let go and experience the feeling of lightness - also as a couple. 

Duration: 30 Min., in Badebekleidung  

Price Solo: EUR 85.00

Price for two: EUR 170.00

Singing Bowl Treatment

 The unique effect of the singing bowl treatment can relieve stress, inner unrest and tension. Specially designed singing bowls are placed on the clothed body and struck to sound: Feel and hear the tones, vibrations and oscillations that touch you deeply. A soothing feeling!  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

 To relieve stress and bring body and mind into harmony.

 Duration: 50 Min., in comfortable clothing

EUR 95.00


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