The power of the mountains, vitalising water, pristine energy of the Ötztal valley: Three sources of energy nourish the AQUA DOME. Three fields of action, whose potential we have made tangible and usable in our WAVE signature rituals. In relaxing, regenerating and preventative WAVE treatments on the waterbed, which were developed especially for the AQUA DOME. They combine sounds and sound waves with the waves of the warm water and the manual skills of the therapists: A holistic experience for a lasting harmonisation of the body, mind and soul!

3 WAVES „Lift Your Spirit“

Feel the water, experience the mountains – and recharge your batteries: on the innovative Wave Balance bed, your body can really let go, supported by gentle music and vibrations. This personalised full-body treatment is adapted to individual needs with pleasant stretches and special handling techniques. Because deep relaxation is simply good for you.

To release knots and provide deep relaxation, but also to stimulate the metabolism.

Duration: 50 min, with music and please wear comfortable or sports clothing!

EUR 98.00


A sensory full-body massage experience in supine or side position, gently bedded on the body-warm waterbed – soothing relaxation for mums-to-be. Flowing, gentle touches and movements are harmoniously supported by the relaxing floating effect. With nourishing oil, if desired.

To let go and gain new strength during pregnancy.

Duration: 50 min, with oil at a pleasant temperature on request

EUR 98.00

WAVEfit (also for athletes)

Embark on this movement journey and learn more about your body. Discover, for example, how easy it is to self-correct the complex swinging walking movement through axis-correct posture and coordination. Manual touch sequences in the rhythm of the swinging water bring relaxation. Stretching and whole-body loosening take place fluidly.

Improve athletic performance through stretching, loosening and relaxing.

Duration: 25 min | 50 min, comfortable, loose clothing

EUR 48.00 | 88.00

WAVEparadise (also for kids and teens)

Also very popular with kids and teens: A feel-good treatment with sound and water tones on the warm waterbed. As the water resonates with every touch, an infinite number of feel-good waves spread over the whole body. This brings relaxation to the entire musculature. Daydreaming is not only allowed, but encouraged!

The aim of the overall experience is to relax and support your own being in all its fantasy.

Duration: 25 min, also for kids and teens, accompanied by parents if desired; wear comfortable, loose clothing

EUR 48.00


Short and sonorous with long-lasting effect: A relaxing listening experience with water sounds on the waterbed. Pure, without additional treatment. Buoyed by the warm water, it is easy to forget everyday life and enter a meditative state. Because, the body can let go immediately in the milieu of warm water.

Find deep inner peace that can have an effect far beyond the application.

Duration: 25 min, comfortable, loose clothing, without therapist

EUR 48.00

WAVETreatments on the Waterbed

The waterbed, with its gentle vibrations, also has a tremendously positive effect on other treatments. All massages marked with a wave symbol can be booked exclusively: foot reflexology massage, manual lymph drainage and the anti-stress massage 25 min (neck, head and face).

Combine classic treatments with even more deep relaxation.

Surcharge EUR 18.00

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