Wave Balance Treatments

The power of the mountains, vitalising water, pristine energy of the Ötztal valley: Three sources of energy nourish the AQUA DOME. Three fields of action, whose potential we have made tangible and usable in our WAVE signature rituals. In relaxing, regenerating and preventative WAVE treatments on the waterbed, which were developed especially for the AQUA DOME. They combine sounds and sound waves with the waves of the warm water and the manual skills of the therapists: A holistic experience for a lasting harmonisation of the body, mind and soul!

3 WAVES „Lift Your Spirit“ 

Cradled, moved and treated as if on a wave: The combination of targeted hand techniques, stretches and rhythmic vibrational touches brings deep relaxation. Joints and connective tissue are revitalised, especially those of the spine. The body intelligence can sustainably sense what is good for it.

Reach a new spiritual level with free mobility and inner strength!  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Duration: 80 min., with music and comfortable, loose clothing

EUR 135.00


Head to toe: This signature ritual loosens all joints and connective tissues of the body. It is like a vital check, which "scans" key points, recognises connections, detects tensions and blockages. These can dissolve in the flow of touch and movement on the warm, swinging waterbed. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Regain balance with a holistic experience and feel as powerful as a mountain!

Duration: 50 min., with music and comfortable, loose clothing

EUR 95.00


A treatment for a secure feeling and more mobility, individually tailored to your needs.  Connective tissue, fascia and joints are loosened and relaxed to the core. Slowly repeating stretching, pulling and pressure techniques in the gentle rhythm of the resonating water improve mobility and coordination.

Experience your personal “flow”: New freedom of movement emerges through the power of the waves!

Duration: 50 min., with music and comfortable, loose clothing

EUR 95.00


Body and mind can let go in the natural milieu of the resonating water and sounds. While concentrating on the gentle wave and spiral movements, you are easily put you into a deep state of relaxation. This process is supported by a pleasant feeling of weightlessness and comfort, but also by trust in gentle hands. 

Let the energy flow, replenish your strength. For an abundance of new life energy!   

Duration: 50 min., with music and comfortable, loose clothing

EUR 95.00

WAVEfit (also for athletes)

Embark on this journey of movement and learn more about your body. Discover, for example, how easy it is to balance the complex swinging-walking movement through correct posture and coordination. Manual touch sequences in the rhythm of the swinging water bring relaxation. Stretching and whole-body loosening take place fluidly. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Improve athletic performance through stretching, loosening and relaxing.

Duration: 25 min. / 50 min., comfortable, loose clothing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

 EUR 45.00 | 85.00

WAVEparadise (also for kids and teens)

Also, very popular with kids and teens: A feel-good massage with sound and water tones on the warm waterbed. As the water resonates with every touch, an infinite number of feel-good waves spread over the whole body. This brings relaxation to the entire musculature. Daydreaming is not only allowed, but encouraged! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The aim of the overall experience is to relax and support your own being in all its fantasy.   

Duration: 25 min., also for kids and teens, accompanied by parents if desired; wear comfortable, loose clothing

EUR 45.00


Short and sonorous with long-lasting effect: A relaxing listening experience with water sounds on the waterbed. Pure, without additional treatment. Buoyed by the warm water, it is easy to forget everyday life and enter a meditative state. Because, the body can let go immediately in the milieu of warm water.

Find deep inner peace that can have an effect far beyond the application.

Duration: 25 min., comfortable, loose clothing, without therapist

 EUR 45.00


In this WAVETreatment, we use our thermal water from a depth of 1865 metres instead of the waterbed: Supported on a pillow in your neck, you are gently carried through the water by professional therapist hands. You move in flowing waves and swinging three-dimensional spirals. In this way, even the finest inner tensions are released. 

Back to inner balance: The perception of letting go can harmonise the movement process.

Duration: 40 min., swimwear 

EUR 88.00

WAVETreatments on the Waterbed

 The gently rocking waterbed also provides extremely positive support for other treatments. Foot reflexology and manual lymph drainage, the Bergkraft sports treatment and the 25-minute anti-stress massage (neck, head and face) can be booked exclusively. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Additional fee EUR 15.00


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