Location and distance
Munich 2.20 hours via A12 (234 km)
Innsbruck 45 minutes via A12 (75 km)
Zurich 3.30 hours via A3 (260 km)
Bolzano 2.30 hours via A12 (163 km)
Magnificent sauna enjoyment
Spending time in the sauna cleanses the body and helps with relaxation. Our “Gletscherglühen” sauna delights with variety and sophisticated ambience. You’ll feel great sweating your way to wellness!
Our sauna area

Sauna, relaxation, all-around enjoyment

Gallery & Infusion timetables


12:30 pm3 herbs3 herbsglacier icelavendernordic classicpeppermint3 herbs
01:30 pmbirch branchesnordic classiccitrusalpine mintbirch branchessummer fruitglacier ice
02:30 pmchamomilesagealpine mintmountain pineeukalyptus mentholmentholsage
03:30 pmalpine pinelocal herbsbirch branchescitruschamomilealpine pinejuniper
04:30 pmcitruschamomilealpine pinementholsummer fruitalpine jazzbirch branches
05:30 pmeukalyptus mentholbirch branches3 herbsglacier icemountain herbsalpine mintlavender
06:30 pmsageeukalyptus mentholalpine jazzmountain herbsalpine jazz3 herbscitrus
07:30 pmalpine mintlavenderjuniperbirch brancheslavenderglacier icealpine jazz
08:30 pmpine treesummer fruitgingerchamomile3 herbspine treealpine mint
09:45 pmgood nightgood nightlavendervienna waltzlatern ceremonygood nightnordic classic
10:45 pmlatern ceremony


01:00 pmsalt peelingsalt peelingsalt peelinghoneysalt peelingsalt peeling
03:00 pmhoneysalt peelingyoung & beautyhoneyyoung & beautyhoneyyoung & beauty
07:00 pmyoung & beautyhoneyhoneyyoung & beautysalt peelinghoney
08:00 pmyoung & beauty


11:00 ampine treejuniperalpine herbsgingeralpine pinechaomilepeppermint
04:00 pm3 herbsnordic classicsagelavenderchamomile
08:00 pmcraft beercraft beer