Magnificent sauna enjoyment
Spending time in the sauna cleanses the body and helps with relaxation. Our “Gletscherglühen” sauna delights with variety and sophisticated ambience. You’ll feel great sweating your way to wellness!
Our sauna area

Sauna, relaxation, all-around enjoyment

Gallery & Infusion timetables


12:30 pmnordicfir needleeukalyptus mentholpine treeeukalyptus mentholnordicglacier ice
01:30 pmglacier icetea treesnowstormtea treelocal herbspine treepine tree
02:30 pmmintlocal herbslocal herbsnordicmintcitrusnordic
03:30 pmalpine pinebirch branchesmintsagenordiceukalyptus mentholmint
04:30 pmlocal herbsorange cinnamonglacier icebirch branchesorange cinamonbirch brancheslocal herbs
05:30 pmbirch brancheseukalyptus mentholnordiclavendelalpine pineglacier iceglacier ice
06:30 pmcitrusmintalpine pinelocal herbscitrusalpine pineorange cinnamon
07:30 pmorange cinnamonchamomileeukalyptus mentholmintbirch branchesmintbirch branches
08:30 pmpine treeglacier icebirch branchesjuniperlatern ceremonylavenderjuniper
09:45 pmgood nightlavenderlate night jazzvienna waltzlatern ceremonylate night jazzsnowstorm
10:45 pmlatern ceremony


01:00 pmSalt peelingSalt peelingSalt peeling
03:00 pmYoung & BeautySalt peelingYoung & BeautySalt peelingHoneyHoney
05:00 pmHoneyHoneyYoung & BeautySalt peelingSalt peeling
07:00 pmSalt peelingHoneyYoung & BeautySalt peelingYoung & Beauty
08:00 pmYoung & BeautyYoung & Beauty


11:00 amPine treeJuniperAlpine pineGingerLocal herbsJuniperAlpine pine
04:00 pmLocal herbsSageFir needleNordicPine treeLocal herbsLavender
08:00 pmCraft beerCraft beer