Mini Cooper Cabrio

In summer, the MINI Cooper Cabriolet can be rented out from us for free — take yourself on an adventurous journey through the Ötztal valley on four wheels!

The summer in the Ötztal Valley is eagerly waiting to be explored by you!

Embark on an adventurous journey with our Mini Cabriolet – we will show you the most beautiful routes for your joyride. A ride with the agile Mini Cabriolet is pure pleasure – for example over the winding Timmelsjoch pass, via the new motorcycle museum in Obergurgl, the highest-altitude motorcycle museum in Europe.


AQUA DOME offers its guests a MINI for a free ride. This is the stylish way to reach the most beautiful places in the region. Experience the unique driving experience in a MINI Cabriolet. Unleash your senses and share the pure open-air feeling with your family and friends.

The ultra-open MINI Cabriolet is highly impulsive and brim-full of energy. Experience sheer summer driving joy with the open-top cabriolet to stimulate all your senses. Capture the sweet moments of genuine open-air pleasure and share them with others. The thrill-packed experience behind the wheel seems never-ending. Feel invigorated in these almost perfect moments under the sun. And to top off the driving pleasure, you have infinite headroom.