Immerse and submerge

Breath-taking: The crystalline centerpiece of the thermal baths


The perfect balance of water and air, steel and stone: the crystalline centerpiece of the thermal baths unites modern architecture and Alpine flair into one impressive structure. Two large basins with thermal spring water at a temperature of 93°F and 97°F invite guests to enjoy a luxurious soak any time of the year. The mesmerizing waterfall, both indoor pools, and the quiet rooms designed like galleries establish a special harmony with the highest esthetic standards. The highlight of the dome is the huge glass front that provides an open view of the mountainous surroundings of the Ötztal Alps – simply breathtaking! Solariums and oases of warmth make a wonderful completion to the variety of choices inside the thermal baths. And families with children can expect their own special separate and wonderful waterworld. In “Noah’s Ark of the Alps”, our smaller guests can have endless fun, with the best supervision. The AQUA DOME is fun for everyone!

Temperature     Water depth
34 - 36° C.            max. 1,35 m

Unique throughout the world and unforgettable


Enjoy the unbelievable feeling of weightlessness: the open air thermal baths “fresh from the valley” with three futuristic basin pools that seem to float themselves. It’s truly a masterpiece of architecture that is harmoniously one with nature. A lighted glass cone encloses the beautifully executed basin formation and provides an open view of the heavenly mountain panorama.
Pure sulphur spring water flows into the thermal waters in our sulphur basin pool every 15 minutes. There are comfortable massage tables located around the edge of the pool. Find a spot!

Temperature    Water depth
35 - 35° C.            max. 1,35 m

Unique throughout the world and unforgettable

sole basin

Each basin has its own special appeal: The sole basin has a salt content of 5%, and gentle underwater music and lighting effects highlight your bathing experience. Let yourself float away and immerse yourself in the magical backdrop of the mountains. Liberate yourself from your everyday routine and release new energy!

Temperature    Water depth
35 - 35° C.            max. 1,35 m

Unique throughout the world and unforgettable

massage basin


Temperature   Water depth
35 - 35° C.            max. 1,35 m

River eddies and a brilliant gleam



Temperature    Water depth
34 - 36° C.            max. 1,35 m

Open lanes for advanced swimmers



Temperature     Water depth
25 - 26° C.            max. 1,40 m


Write to us

Due to the current development of the health situation and the measures taken by the Austrian authorities to curb the Corona virus, the AQUA DOME is at the moment only carrying out operational maintenance work to secure the entire facility, but no operational management.

With this measure, the AQUA DOME complies with the official requirements and meets its social responsibility. This means that our thermal bath and hotel resort will not be open until probably 30/04/2021. We look forward to welcoming you again soon to Tyrolean hospitality at its absolute best. For your future hotel reservations we are available daily between 10 am to 2 pm or you can reach us by phone around the clock.

We are currently in close contact with the authorities and experts and are constantly evaluating further steps to be taken. And now, we are confident that the measures introduced by the federal government will quickly show the desired effect and hope to welcome you back shortly.

Soon, it will be WE again. Soon, it will be AQUA DOME again.

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