The Alpine Arc is considered the heart of Europe. It stretches from the Gulf of Genoa through the French and Swiss Jura to the upper reaches of the Danube. And right in the middle of it: The AQUA DOME, the heart of the Alps. This poses an obligation. It is about nurturing a common culinary heritage: Because the cultures of the individual regions have influenced each other via important trade routes. Our kitchen team adapts traditional recipes and regional specialities, ingredients and preparation techniques from the Alpine region and prepares them in new, surprising ways. Creative and versatile, but always straightforward and clear. Simply good – “Oafoch güet“ – as the Ötztal people say. Because we are proud of our rural roots in the cuisine of the alpine region. Eating at the AQUA DOME This is not only sheer indulgence, but also an inspiring culinary cultural exchange! Because: Together we are better and eat better.

Regional typicality meets local genius

Regional typicality – for us, this embraces all regions of the Alpine Arc. They have a common cultural and culinary history. Local – that means products from the Längenfeld region and the Ötztal valley. Sourced directly from local farmers and partners. Honey from Gries, goat cheese from Huben, brown trout from Längenfeld. Regionality paired with locality: pure geniality! Because for us, regionality and sustainability are not just modern catchwords – we live them every day. Out of respect for our heritage and our natural habitat. Committed to our roots.

The best start to the morning

Get up, set off on a journey across the Alpine Arc. Discover local and regional products along the way. Our breakfast is legendary: Stroll from one station to the next and taste delicacies you can’t get at home. Smoked meats from the butchery. Or the cheese variety of the Alps in the cheese dairy. An enticing aroma wafts from the bakery. Add some alpine butter and a spoonful of homemade jam. Simplicity can bring so much delicacy! Hot egg dishes, fruit and veggies. Coffee specialities, fresh juices or infused water. Can you imagine a better way to start your day?

Frühstück genießen im AQUA DOMEFrühstück genießen im AQUA DOME

Alpine exploration in the evening

At the AQUA DOME, you can do what is otherwise impossible: being in several Alpine countries at the same time. In just one evening. Discoveries guaranteed – from old animal breeds, local vegetable and spice varieties to traditional processing methods. For example, the Ötztal trout in alpine caviar, breasts from farm ducks with French mountain thyme, alpine lamb marinated in woodruff. Penne carbonara served with Tyrolean bacon and hay-milk cream, wild broccoli with braised alpine ox cheeks, poppy-seed strudel lasagne with pickled plums. Choose flexibly from the menu card what and how many courses you would like to eat.

Not just something to drink

You should have tasted our three AQUA DOME cuvées as well as our Ötztal mountain spring water. Our water is fresh and pithy, and we use it to make our own lemonades based on local fruits and herbs.

Wine-wise, we have focused on an exciting selection of Austrian labels. For the aperitif, we serve regional specialities, and after the meal we offer fine local brandies, various coffee roasts or local herbal teas. You can enjoy these in the alpine, yet contemporary flair of our hotel bar & lounge.

Exceptions prove the rule

You decide what you would like to eat. And we invest all our creativity. Iced Längenfeld birch essence with ice plant, focaccia and black lentil crème. Or Styrian sweet potato and pumpkin tart with lemon balm jam: Also with vegan dishes, we interpret the cuisine of the Alpine arc in an exciting and contemporary way. And permit ourselves the odd exception, where necessary. Allergies or intolerances? With us, you don’t have to make any culinary compromises!

The common thread through the AQUA DOME

Our gastronomic facilities in the sauna and thermal baths are also true to our roots. Because the motto of our concept runs like a red thread through the entire establishment. We attach great importance to this. You can count on it. Whether it’s a small snack between sauna sessions or a meal for the whole family in the thermal bath restaurant: Regional & International is the winning team!



Did you know that conventional mineral water bottles account for approximately one third of all delivery cargo? We have decided to gradually move away from bottled mineral water. And, as a result, save a considerable amount of environmentally-harmful shipments! AQUA DOME spring water from the Ötztal glaciers, filtered to crystal clear purity right here at our establishment, contain natural minerals and boast a one-of-a-kind taste. Sparkling or still. For your health. And a liveable home with clean air.

Ötztaler QuellwasserÖtztaler Quellwasser

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