Scientifically based and founded by doctors athe premium brand QMS Medicosmetics has been developing innovative, extremely effective care products and treatments for over 30 years to meet the highest demands and improve the structure and quality of the skin. The results of intensive research are combined with revolutionary technologies and high-quality ingredients: This has a lasting physiological effect on the skin. The QMS care system has been considered one of the most valuable and sophisticated in the industry for decades. For immediately visible, but also long-lasting results. 

QMS Skin Re-Balance

Innovation combined with a healthy skin feeling: This high-quality facial treatment cleanses the skin intensively. Ultra-effective fruit acids and enzymes can then penetrate deep into the pores. Finally, an innovative collagen serum and a rich mask lend a healthy and balanced complexion.

To rid the skin of impurities - for a fresh, refined complexion.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Duration: 50 min.

EUR 118.00

QMS Collagen Rejuvenation

An almost unprecedented treatment combination in terms of skin care and nutrition. Suitable for all skin types and pampers stressed and strained skin very effectively. Enriched with the unique collagen QMS, it sustainably balances out the signs of skin ageing and lends a youthful, radiant complexion.

To maintain or regain an even, rejuvenated and revitalised skin appearance.

Duration: 80 min.

EUR 158.00

QMS Anti Cellulite Contouring

The shaping anti-cellulite contouring treatment from QMS is highly effective and exclusive. The active ingredient combination of three revolutionary products stimulates circulation, cleanses and firms the skin and promises targeted success in the "problem zones". It visibly refines the skin structure and tones the body contours.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A new body awareness with firmer contours on the abdomen, thighs and hips.  

Duration: 80 min.

EUR 148.00

QMS Pure Oxygen Boost

Highly effective special “padding” treatment. 98 percent pure oxygen concentrate is effectively infused into the skin with the oxygen energy applicator. The intensive treatment with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid optimises the skin's own ability to bind moisture. The improved oxygen supply promotes blood circulation and stimulates renewal processes.

Intensive special “padding” treatment for a moisturised, radiantly fresh skin!

Duration: 80 min.

EUR 168.00


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