From a depth of 1,865 metres, the most precious of all elements bubbles to the surface from centuries-old springs: In the past, the thermal water of Längenfeld was used for the soothing “Bauernbadl”. Today, AQUA DOME’s exclusive signature line “thermal deep” combines this bathing session with the effect of regional herbs. High-quality, certified natural cosmetic products – of course, vegan and with purely organic ingredients! With its discreetly fresh herbal scent, “thermal deep” lets you experience the elemental power of the Ötztal valley with all your senses. Alpine exclusivity that pampers face, body and soul with soothing signature treatments!

thermal deep facial care

With their deep action, the pure ingredients of our exclusive “thermal deep” products lend a vital and healthy skin. Embraced in the scent of Ötztal nature and its herbs. The facial, neck and décolleté treatment pampers with pore-deep cleansing, intensive face mask and final care. Eyebrow shaping included.

A well-cleansed and purified, moisturised and lightly firmed skin feeling.

Duration: 50 min

EUR 93.00

thermal deep face intensive

This special treatment for face, neck and décolleté is an all-round feel-good experience for your skin and your senses. With products specially adapted to the skin type. In addition to the “thermal deep face care”, the alpine active ingredients can unfold their effect in a wonderfully fragrant hand and foot pack.

For a vital, moisturised complexion with a slight firming effect – from head to hand and foot.

Duration: 80 min

EUR 138.00

thermal deep eye treatment (NEW)

Tired eyes? No problem with our special treatment – and the exclusive “thermal deep” products with the power of Längenfeld thermal water and Ötztal herbs! The treatment ritual combines them with “Gua Sha” stones made of rose quartz, as they are said to stimulate collagen production. The treatment is rounded off with our thermal deep “Eye Care” for use at home.

A well-looked-after eye area that looks radiantly fresh.

Duration: 25 min

EUR 58.00

thermal deep Face & Eye care (NEW)

The complete programme in one session? This treatment for face and eyes, neck and décolleté pampers you with pore-deep cleansing, a face mask and finishing care. Plus our “thermal deep” eye treatment with “Gua Sha” rose quartz stones. Eyebrow shaping included. On top of this, there’s a “thermal deep” face mask for extra care at home.

Clear, gently tautened skin and radiant eyes.

Duration: 80 min

EUR 148.00

thermal deep meets Gua Sha

In this “thermal deep” facial treatment, smooth Gua Sha stones made of jade or rose quartz are used in the facial massage. They are said to have different effects: One is to rid blemished skin of toxins and promote circulation, the other is said to reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production in mature skin.

Rosy radiant skin using the trend from Asia and the nature of the Ötztal valley – for detox and anti-ageing!

Duration: 50 min

EUR 88.00

thermal deep Relaxation Massage

Surrounded by high peaks, breathe in the scent of the Alps: This relaxing full-body massage with high-quality alpine oil from our “thermal deep” signature line contains the power of Ötztal herbs. It can relieve tension and muscular blockages, promote circulation and boost the immune system.

Gain inner balance and new strength and feel the power of the mountains and fresh energy!

Duration: 50 min | 80 min
EUR 93.00 | 138.00

As a Couple:
Duration: 50 min
EUR 198.00

thermal deep Body Ritual

The pure power of the Ötztal valley for me, please: This is how our exclusive AQUA DOME signature line “thermal deep” pampers the body with the powers of regional herbs. An invigorating full body peeling is followed by a bathing ceremony in precious thermal water and a soothing full body massage. All with “thermal deep” products!

Revitalise and rejuvenate the body – for new strength!

Duration: 110 min.

EUR 178.00

thermal deep Face & Body Package

The elemental power of the mountains and herbs for body & face: All-round care with “thermal deep”! Everyday life fades away during a bathing ceremony in thermal water from a depth of 1865 metres. This optimally prepares the muscles for a back massage. Finally, a thermal deep face care treatment ensures perfectly cared-for skin.

Relax and “get back into the flow”, but also well-tended, lightly firmed skin.

Duration: 110 min

EUR 178.00

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